Drone Survey Company in Haridwar

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About Drone Survey Company:

Are you in utter need of a drone survey company in Haridwar that can capture aerial photos and digital data of land, buildings, and other features from a bird's eye view? Well, the Garud survey can help. When carried out as a topographical survey, topographic survey, geotechnical survey, or geographical study, these (Drone surveying) techniques also save us time.

Garud Survey , a drone survey company in Haridwar, offers high-accuracy drone surveys and aerial mapping at an affordable price. We use the best equipment, latest technology, and trained professionals to capture 3D models of your property. We have a wide range of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) available for inspection and surveying in Haridwar. Our extensive experience provides precise data and reports at affordable rates.

At Garud, we strive to help you find the right property for your project. We are skilled in finding properties that fit clients' specific needs within particular areas and will go the extra mile to ensure those needs are met accordingly.

Services That Garud Survey, Drone Survey Services in Haridwar, Cater

Garud Surveying is a pioneer in providing Drone surveying services in Haridwar. Our Haridwar drone survey proposals include

drone survey company in Haridwar

Aerial Drone Inspection:

We are a high-tech Indian drone company that can help you with drone-based services, including video mapping and inspection. Our solutions are ideal for multiple commercial needs, from accurate aerial surveys to unusual field situations that demand high precision mapping and inspection.

Our high-end drones take aerial images and video footage at a higher level of precision for any commercial project requiring it. Through innovative remote sensing technology, we provide drone inspection services to industrial, commercial, and residential properties.


Garud survey, a drone survey company in Haridwar, is earmarked to offer accurate and swift drone survey assistance for commercial and residential structures. Our team is highly experienced and skilled in drone surveys for projects like roads, bridges, sewerage lines, urbanization projects, etc.

drone survey company in Haridwar
drone survey company in Haridwar


Garud survey is a complete solution drone survey in Haridwar for all the mining contractors, including surveying, data analysis, and data processing. With the help of this service, miners can discover details about their mines without having to travel out of their operating rooms. Our team is well versed with the latest technology and uses advanced UAVs for surveying purposes.

Aerial Intelligence For Agriculture:

Garud Survey is an aerial intelligence company that helps bridge the gap between rural farmers and the global market by providing innovative solutions. We provide Aerial Intelligence For Agriculture and offer drone survey services in Haridwar for Agriculture and Agricultural surveys. We also keep tabs on post-harvest losses, enabling farmers to determine their plants' health and how much fertilizer was distributed in their fields.

We're working to build a data platform that makes it easier for farmers to get the crop insurance they need and make it easier for providers of agronomy assistance to thrive in their industry ideals. With this technology, farmers can conduct virtual crop walks before leaving the house—helping them avoid needless field trips and saving time and money.

drone survey company in Haridwar
drone survey company in Haridwar

Aerial Intelligence Solar Industry:

With our drone techniques, we, as a solar power drone survey company in Haridwar, ensure that your solar panels are installed correctly to maximize their efficiency and performance. With the help of drones, we deliver automated aerial survey solutions for the solar power industry. Our company provides high-resolution imagery at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional methods.

Our compact drones fly high in the skies, allowing them to monitor specific sites from above and giving you a clear picture of your solar energy project or the property.

Additional Assistance:

Ours is a drone survey company in Haridwar that delivers aid associated with drone surveys. This includes, but is not limited to, aerial surveys of construction sites, bridge and canal mapping, and state-of-the-art landslide assessment.

We provide drone data and image processing services for agriculture, mining, defense, and infrastructure. We have expertise in 3D and 2D LIDAR and Image Processing. Our group of multidisciplinary engineers specializes in drone surveying and equips high precision outcomes with efficient time utilization.

drone survey company in Haridwar

Why Choose Garud Survey:

A more accurate, easier, and safer way to survey and inspect

Our customers choose us because we provide a complete industrial drone solution that's easy enough to use for anyone in the field, yet delivers the accurate data needed to close claims faster, measure stockpiles and survey mines more accurately, and operate earthworks projects more efficiently. They also love that we make these tasks safer and have a Garud team helping them at every step.

Garud drone survey company in Haridwar offers its clients the most affordable drone survey solutions. With the latest drone survey technology, you can now locate your land and properties at reasonable rates, and drone survey coverage of the property is done in just a few minutes. Getting a drone survey done with us ensures that you provide more accurate and credible results.