Aerial Intelligence For Construction

Drone data Enable construction Companies to improve earthwork projects with
fast and frequent survey grade accurate data


Survey Grade Accuracy Data

  • Achieve survey-grade data faster and frequently from a single location
  • Perform cut-fill calculations for real time grade management
  • Contractor can quickly draw L-Section and cross section to evaluate any changes along slopes

Pre - Construction Site Planning

  • Capture the site Data in real time with Live map which can export into GIS, AutoCAD platform
  • Smarter, faster and more accurate way to plan earthwork jobs
  • Reduce unplanned costs of accurately evaluating earthwork

Post - Construction Site Planning

  • Visualize sites in 3D and improve the project planning
  • Evaluate the deviations on site by comparing actual condition and Site planning
  • Keep your project on track with high resolution maps and 3D Models

Site Analysis Without having to walk

  • Improve Coordination with your team and subcontractors using Visual record of Site Conditions
  • Technically analyze the site from a single work space
  • Save the time and mitigate risks without walking dangerous areas


Grading and Drainage Plan

  • Allows project manager to import design plans to verify progress
  • Data Export option allows surveyors to perform detailed analysis in the third party Software
  • These exports are available - DXF,SHP,JGP,LAS,DEM,RCP,TIFF

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