Aerial Intelligence For Agriculture

To gain more efficient crop insight and chance the precision agriculture!


Crop Health Inspection

  • Informed and Multispectral data can identify areas of the Crop that are stressed
  • Aerial data capture crop Vitality and crop damage assessment
  • Identify the crop stress before Visual Signs Occur

Automatic Crop Detection

  • AI Powered Capability to identify the Crops automatically
  • Transparent the system between government and Crop Insurance Companies
  • 20 Times Faster data Collection than Conventional methods

Smart Crop Scouting

  • Drones are Fast and efficient way to Scout the Crops
  • Provide a more accurate, real time analysis of Crop yields and potential threats including diseases
  • Provide detailed snapshot of crops that help in pinpoint problem areas

Irrigation Monitoring and Planning

  • Use drone maps, digital Surface models and terrain models for irrigation and drainage planning
  • Multispectral data can help to identify leaky irrigation areas that need more water
  • Plant Counting algorithms can accurately provide inventory information and help predict Yield

Crop Insurance Report

  • High Resolution drone data provide accurately reporting events that lead to economic loss such as Crop Injury
  • Provides Critical information for measuring and documenting damage of crop caused by floods, fire, pests, Weather events etc
  • These exports are available - DXF,SHP,JGP,LAS,DEM,RCP,TIFF

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